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Car Loans Townsville: Is It Worthy to Finance a Used Car

Is it a good idea to finance a used car through car loans Townsville or just buy it outright?

Used cars are options for those who prefer to buy at lower prices, letting the primary owner take in the depreciation hit that amounts a heap of money. On the other hand, some finance in purchasing a used car not knowing that they are actually losing most of what should have been financial advantages to them.

Interest Rates

In such cases like this, expect that you’ll be paying more for there’s interest affiliated on the loan. Interest rates on used cars can come up to 6 to 7 percent amounting to hundreds or thousands of additional money compared to new cars which can be financed with no down payment and interest rates of 1 to 2 percent. But why car loans Townsville interest rates are that high?

Lenders can come up with this range of interest rates since they can just get away with it. Usually, the less wealthy are the targets of the used car market. And since used cars only contain less monetary worth after having depreciated and with the loan interval is shorter, lenders will charge higher percentage making the deal advantageous for them.

What we’re trying to let you know is that when you finance used cars, you will pay more than buying a new car. And then it will make sense to you that you should have just bought a new car than paying the interest rate that has come twice or more on the loan.


With regards to the insurance, cases are different when you buy a used car outright or through finance. The former provides you option to buy the basic insurance which is a liability-only policy that will pay the damages you may cause to other else’s car except for the damages your car has suffered since it’s your car. While the latter suggests that since the car is still owned by the lender not until you completely pay it off or the liens has been removed, you are entitled to the coverage of maintaining comprehensive insurance. Thus, you’ll be paying for the damages to the car.

When you are to finance for a used car, expect higher monthly payments due to the car loans Townsville duration of which is typically shorter of about 2 to 3 years compared to 5 to 6 years for new cars.

When deciding to purchase a car, don’t just look at the price but also take the whole deal into consideration. Agree?